Trade Events Organization

A trade events organization and attendance became very important when looking for new ways in the business, to meet with consumers, to collect leads and seek new opportunities overseas. Organizing a visit, trades show or a professional meeting is stressful and time-consuming for companies who do not have the knowledge about the place where they are going, do not speak the language and are unfamiliar with local culture aspects.

eXentry Group can provide the necessary planning and support in executing multi-day visits and associated events your company would like to undertake in Ukraine, including assisting with travel arrangements.

We can plan and organize your company’s:

  • Business Trips
  • Attendance at Trade Shows
  • Presentations
  • Conferences
  • Schedule meetings
  • Guide Assistance
  • Visit clients and partners

Our goal is to save your time, effort and budget.


Trade Shows and Exhibitions in Ukraine.

Ukraine participates in a number of international and domestic trade fairs and events to promote the country as open for business and positive environment. A trade fair can be the best choice for overseas companies to display and promote their products and services, understand the competitions and have a vision of current market trends.

If your company is interested in testing new market, visit existing clients or create new contacts for sales purpose in Ukraine, we recommend you attend local trade shows and exhibitions.

eXentry Group is your professional support group during Trade Shows and coordinator for organization of your company’s attendance at international exhibitions in Ukraine. We can manage and prepare a trade show set up in 3-5 months in advance.

We can handle any or all of the following tasks related to trade show organization:

-          Company visit and stay  
-          Assistance at Trade Show and attendance
-          Sales and business representative support at Exhibition
-          Reservation and negotiation of the exhibition space, stand, pavilion or booth selection for your business
-          Publishing and advertising of company’s business in trade show exhibitors catalogue
-          Organization for delivery your business samples and goods in place of trade events
-          Send invitations to attendances
-          Renting the space needed for organization the presentations, conferences and other meeting related evidence
-          Meeting scheduling and planning
-          Travel-related support, as rent an accommodation and book flight ticket
-          Translator and interpreter service
-          Transport services
-          Cultural and social program organization

Contact us, we will be glad to assist you in putting to use our experience and contacts.

We are responsible to take care of each detail involved in organizing your company’s business trip and trade show attendance in Ukraine. Our competitive advantages are: reliability, quality service, flexibility to work in many countries, regions and cultures.

To check upcoming trade shows and events in Ukraine take a look at our Events calendar.