Company Profile

eXentry Group with over 15 years of experience in international business was founded in Montreal in the aim of meeting the growing demands of  companies/manufactures to enter new markets abroad.

The team of eXentry Group consists of professional people, with experience in operating an international business, who have joined the company with the motivation of providing a full range of services to business seeking trade opportunities in Canada and worldwide.

  • Our qualifications and skills are based on big range of experiences and competencies.
  • We possess specialized knowledge of how business is done in those countries.
  • We speak many foreign languages which allow us to work with clients around the globe. We are fluent in English, French, Spanish, Polish and Kazakh.
  • Over the years we have developed strong relationship in business network, which gave as a status of professional and reliable company.

Our European background, knowledge of the local culture, language and business environment is our main asset that allows us to perform quickly and efficiently in many markets and facilitates our clients to operate faster with our help than they can on their own.