Sales and Manufacturer Representative in Ukraine,

Each  business - domestic or international requires  to contact and looking for new and existing customers. Each new business idea needs be introduced in the market. It is requires to find new prospects,  explain product strength, be ready for questions and answers. Manufacturer Representative  has to be ready to  promote, negotiate prices, close deals and book business.
 eXentry Group is a valuable partner in the new market. We are Canadian sales and business representative company for Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland and other countries of Eastern Europe. Our responsibilities to cooperate with manufacturers over the world.

Our relationship with our manufacturers, suppliers and clients based on trust and confidence. We responsible for entire sales and delivery product process in Ukraine, Poland and other regions of CIS market. Our services included to introduce new or existing in market product throw trade shows, advertising, conferences and networking. We are responsible to discover clients and buyers needs. We responsible to determinate which product will be in demand. eXentry Group negotiate, prepare contracts, agreements, place and submit orders.We do not consult, we sell!
eXentry Group is your outside manufacturer representative company in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

International sales representative in Ukraine what you need to know.

You have a unique product or want simply to sell overseas - you need to have a good sales team to make your product visible and unique. To keep in the office a sales person and try to sell in other county, it can take many months before you make first step.
To sell overseas and market new place requires a huge amount of financial resources. So many factors that make international business much more complicated and a difficult activity. The solution will be for manufacturers looking to trade abroad is to hire an international sales rep or cooperate with local business development company in the country of interest.  

eXentryGroup as a business development company in Ukraine and CIS region has an experience to work with many companies who do not have an idea of how business are organized  and developed in Ukraine or other countries of Eastern Europe. Mostly of our clients trying to sell to Ukraine says Katherine Ruban, but often, they have a problem with understanding and following local business law and rules. That is why we are doing huge and  time consuming  work as a manufacturer representative company.
Each company what acting internationally as a sales or manufacturer representative needs follow certain rules. The duties as a sales representative company includes not only generating sales leads and product presentation to buyers. The professional  international sales and business development company must follow international trade law and domestic policy.

·         Sales Rep company needs to develop marketing plan and build a ground for each of client.

·         Sales Rep company needs identify a product strength, adjust to market needs and trends.

·         Sales Rep company needs identify and analyze for each manufacture's product  whole distribution  process.

·         Sales Rep company needs to know trade law and regulations in covering territory.

·         Sales Rep company needs to be familiar with domestic custom procedure and tariffs.

eXentry Group conceders and follows each step and procedure before entering new market. We are Canadian, multinational, multilingual and dedicated sales experienced company.
We will be happy to assist your business in Eastern Europe region. We can help you to investigate new markets, reach new clients, buyers, suppliers and expand your operations in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
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Business development in Ukraine

When we speak about business development we think about how to achieve quickly and profitably sales results. We know that to sell and promote our business we need to involve a number of techniques and responsibilities aimed to gain customers and potential buyers. Mostly of companies have business development plan and clear vision how to move business forward. As a manufacturer or service provider we use many ways to promote and sale a product through internet, media, advertisement, trade shows, distributions and other sales representatives inside or outside company. This is a standard way of market entry andbusiness development strategy.
What about how to sell and organize a distribution channel abroad? International business is different and separate from domestic.
eXentry Group deals with many clients who do not have a knowledge of how businesses are organized in Ukraine and  CIS countries.  Mostly of company's clients experience the same situation - they have limited information about business environment and demands in Ukraine or CIS market.
Many companies want to sell to Ukraine, but they do not know which channel of sale should use their firm. Where should the company distribute and how? What type of sales organization should be considered, indirect or direct exporting? What type of company’s representatives, manufacturer reps, dealers, distributers or brokers should the firm use to represent the business? 
The best solution will be co-operation with a local business development company with the experience and knowledge of targetading overseas, has sources of operation and the experience to build business through effective sales strategy. 
eXentry Group is a Canadian company headquartered in Montreal and operating in Kiev. The group has over 25 year of combined experince in international business development. Our team speaks many languages, lived and worked in many parts of the world. We are multinational and multicultural group who possesses the necessary skills and tools to support clients from all around the world, from wide range of sectors and industries looking to enter new market in Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

Language knowledge is Key to Success Overseas

To speak another language is an asset in a business competitive world. Each country has its own and official language and a story. Each market has different formation, rules, regulations and laws. It is very important to understand the cultural differences for conducting business abroad.
It can be a painful experience for foreign business to enter new market without knowledge about the market condition and all aspects related to culture, language and business enforcement. That is why it is critically important to adapt a product to new market before we make our first sale.
Do not just jump and sell! 
Do a research and learn about all aspects related how to start business overseas. Some important steps must be considered when we are starting a business abroad. 
What about languages rules in?
Does a country require a bilingual label for your product? In Canada is a requirement to have English-French label on each product. Ukraine requires Ukrainian-Russian label. Kazakhstan requires Kazakh-Russian labels. Poland requires only Polish label.
Does a country require using in the business only an official language? Let say in Quebec is necessary to use a French language. It is a Canadian province where is two official languages English and French, but only  Quebec requires to use of French in business in first place. If you try to register a company with the English name or English words the Quebec business registry will refuse your registration.
In Ukraine the official language is Ukrainian, but all country knows and uses a Russian language. To represent or have a business in Ukraine you need to know Ukrainian language. Just in last accident with coffee shop “Coffee House” where staffs communicated only in Russian. The unwillingness to talk a Ukrainian and a link to the instruction in which the only language spoken by staff for customers was listed Russian, involved "Coffee House" in scandal. The same scenario in Turkmenistan, Georgia and other CIS countries where used to be a Russian language as a primer. You have to know and use the official language where your business operates.
And what about contracts, brochures, flyers and catalogs  Is the same a general rule? All documents, commercial directories and any similar written publications where a firm carries on business for foreign countries must be in official countries language. The same applies for computer programs and software.
Recently many overseas businesses are showing interest in cooperation with local partners on the basis of manufacturer representative, sales representative, distributor or franchiser. eXentry Group suggest, if you are not fluent in the language of targeted country, look for the professional company and partner in place of your interest. Work closely  with experienced native speaking specialists on a contractual basis. eXentry Group is a best solution for the language, legality and sales support abroad.  We speak your language. Languages knowledge is Key to Our Success.