Manufacturer Representative Eastern Europe

Each business - domestic or international requires to contact and looking for new and existing customers. Each new business idea needs be introduced in the market. It is requires to find new prospects, explain product strength, be ready for questions and answers. Manufacturer Representative has to be ready to promote, negotiate prices, close deals and book business. eXentry Group is a valuable partner in the new market. Our responsibilities to cooperate with manufacturers and suppliers over the world.

eXentry Group is your outside manufacturer representative company.

Our relationship with our manufacturers, suppliers and clients based on trust and confidence. We responsible for entire sales and delivery product process. Our services included to introduce new or existing in market product throw trade shows, advertising, conferences and networking. We are responsible to discover clients and buyers needs. We responsible to determinate which product will be in demand. eXentry Group negotiate, prepare contracts, agreements, place and submit orders.

We do not consult, we sell!