Business development

When we speak about business development we think about how to achieve quickly and profitably sales results. We know that to sell and promote our business we need to involve a number of techniques and responsibilities aimed to gain customers and potential buyers. Mostly of companies have business development plan and clear vision how to move business forward. As a manufacturer or service provider we use many ways to promote and sale a product through internet, media, advertisement, trade shows, distributions and other sales representatives inside or outside company. This is a standard way of market entry andbusiness development strategy.

What about how to sell and organize a distribution channel abroad? International business is different and separate from domestic.

eXentry Group deals with many clients who do not have a knowledge of how businesses are organized in Ukraine. Mostly of company's clients experience the same situation – they have limited information about business environment and demands in Ukraine or other market.

Many companies want to sell to Ukraine, but they do not know which channel of sale should use their firm. Where should the company distribute and how? What type of sales organization should be considered, indirect or direct exporting? What type of company’s representatives, manufacturer reps, dealers, distributers or brokers should the firm use to represent the business?

The best solution will be co-operation with a local business development company experienced with the knowledge of targeted market. You need a sales development company, who are already trading overseas, have sources of operation and the experience to build business through effective sale strategy.

eXentry Group is a Canadian company headquartered in Montreal. The group has over 25 years of combined experience in international business development. The team speaks many languages, lived and worked in many parts of the world. We are multinational and multicultural group what possesses the necessary skills and tools to support customers from all around the world, from wide range of sectors and industries looking to enter new market in Poland or Ukraine.

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