Manufacturer Representative

Business Development


eXentry Group is a Canadian firm internationally oriented in Business Development in Canada and worldwide. With our operations office we build a strong business network and communications channel between Canada and the rest of the world.

If you are a manufacturer, a supplier of products or a service provider who is looking to export, introduce new products and expand to new markets, our company can assist you with the necessary knowledge and support. We can sale your product in Europe, Asia and North America. We have all assets needed to promote you.

eXentry Group specialize in business development, manufacturer sales representation, product introduction, market entry  and other business related services.

Our main focus is to help companies to find potential clients and represent the businesses abroad.

  • Partnership

    Your company is looking for partner, sales agents, manufacturer's representative or business development in new market?

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  • Offer

     Promoting and supporting of businesses over the word – that is our task and our daily challenge.

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  • Advantages
    eXentry Group is a professional and experienced multinational Canadian company.

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